Refund policy

Guarantee and product return

Our goal: To see you smile from the opening of the package, until the last cup.

A problem? Do not panic. Contact us.

I have a defect with a product that I received
If you perceive a defect with a product, we apologize 🙏.

Contact us at Send us pictures of the problem. We will do our best to help you solve it. If this is not possible, we will make an exchange.
Before any return of a product, the exchange must be validated in writing by our team.

I am disappointed with the quality of my product
Our tea is 100% guaranteed, we have absolute confidence in the quality of the products we offer you. These are varieties that we have carefully selected on site and tested with our tea master and the producers for months.
However, if something didn't suit you, we would be happy to hear it! Write to us, and we will find a solution for you!

I have placed an order and wish to cancel my order
We are sorry that you no longer want your order.

We would greatly appreciate your contacting us to explain the reasons, every review helps us. 🙏

Write to us at

If the order has not been shipped and no costs have been incurred on our part, it is possible to cancel the order for a fee of 5 €, to cover the transaction costs which are still imposed on us. , and the work.

If the order has already left or at a too advanced stage, we will not be able to refund it.