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The Terroir

This is the first step, and without it all the rest is irrelevant.

As with wine, or coffee, the soil, climate and cultivation methods play a crucial role in the final qualities of the product.

Our Matcha comes from our 3 farms, which have been cultivated by the same families for 3 centuries. This exceptional proximity to our terroir allows us total control over our products and unparalleled quality.

Our tea bushes are located on exceptional plots of land, with noble soils with characteristics that we know perfectly. They benefit from perfect exposure and climatic conditions.

The Shade

Between two and four weeks before harvest, our tea plants are covered.

This is a crucial step in the production of true Matcha, as it forces the plant to concentrate a maximum of chlorophyll, micro-nutrients and antioxidants in its young leaves, in order to make them more efficient at capturing the sun's rays.

Little by little, several layers of netting are extended, until 90% of the sunlight is blocked.

The Harvest

We always harvest only at the beginning of May. This is the first harvest period of the year, and the most qualitative, because the leaves have had time to grow slowly, and benefit from better shading.

The most tender leaves, the clearest, are the youngest and the smallest. These are the ones with the best flavours and health properties.

Harvesting earlier allows to have better leaves, but decreases the quantity harvested because they are smaller.

Transition to Steam

This is a crucial step. Otherwise, our "green gold" would become leaf dust and would lose all interest!

Steaming allows the formation of a protective layer around the leaves that will freeze their aromas. Once dried, they can be kept for several months, even years, without losing their qualities.

It is only when they are grounded that this layer no longer exists and that the counting down begins.

The Drying

The leaves are then dried in large nets of hot air that are 6 to 8 meters high. Having enough space and keeping the leaves moving allows for a uniform drying that perfectly preserves the leaf.

It is only at this stage that the veins of the leaves are removed to keep only the best!

This work is always done in all Japan with an ingenious machine: It taps on the dried leaves a first time, which detaches the veins. Then, a flow of air makes the flesh of the leaves fly away, while the veins remain.

Transition to Milling

The dried and de-veined leaves are preserved and only ground at the very last moment! This guarantee of fresh grinding gives our Matcha exceptional aromas!

Industrial steel mills exist, but the powder they produce does not give the creamy texture we expect.

So we use granite millstones (170 Kg each), which grind slowly: between 20, and 50g per hour. The slower it is ground, the finer the particles, and the better the texture.

The Quality Control

This is it! We are now less than 30 days away from your first cup of freshly ground Matcha!

Of course, every production ends with mandatory quality control. Our tea masters taste and make sure that the characteristics of the blends are what we expected.

At each harvest, we also analyze our leaves in the laboratory.

Our creative combinations

Japan is known for its strong traditions, but also for its taste for boundless innovation.

While traditional Matcha is only made of green tea, we have always sought, in the true Japanese spirit, to push the boundaries of this world!

For years, we have been creating unique blends to experiment with amazing flavours and effects!

The way Matcha is consumed, in emulsion in water or milk, is indeed an exceptional way to develop the flavours and to benefit from all the beneficial properties of the plants.