Matcha Botanicals: the constant quest for the extraordinary


This is Jean-Charles, co-founder of Matcha Botanicals.

For many years, I have been lucky enough to spend my life in two of the most beautiful regions of the world: the mountains of Japan, and the Alps.


In Japan, aside from taking selfies with the deer in Nara, not far from Kyoto, I'm also incredibly lucky to be one of the associates of Matcha Botanicals (That's a lot, I know) 😎



For many years, we have been renowned for our unmatched quality. We're proud of it, and I'll tell you our secret, it's very simple: We're obsessed with quality from start to finish, and we don't let anything go by.

If we manage to do this, it's because we focus on what gives us the most pleasure: making people discover breathtaking products. 

For our blends, whether they are very classic with pure green tea, or more creative, we follow a simple line. We always keep the best of the traditions and the respect of the product, and we push the limits wherever we can.

The result is highly innovative products based on traditional techniques. 



Matcha Botanicals, it's passionate producers, expert selectors and a virtuous creative team to share with you a passion, and daily moments of happiness!

We have established a unique and exclusive partnership between our workshop and our growers, all of whom are renowned, three hundred year old family farms. We guarantee to buy and pay for their entire production at a fixed price every year.

In this way, we can work as a team to produce exceptional Matchas from the best of each parcel, without the constraints of market, seasonality, or middlemen. We set our own standards, and know our terroirs and the true value of our productions.



We also make sure that our operations are impeccably maintained, because we are the primary consumers of our products.

For us, it is essential that quality forms an interlocking chain from the soil in which our tea bushes grow, to the tasting by our customers.

From 2023, I decided to challenge myself and go even further. I personally took over the supervision of all the distribution in Europe, and also even more responsibility with the selection of our Matchas and their manufacturing.  

Matcha is one of those magical products, which in addition to having outstanding taste properties, has incredible health benefits. 

Everyone who tries ours agrees: it gives a clarity of mind like no other liquid energy, and it makes a huge difference in just a few days!


Enjoy the tasting!