Tasting 🍿

How to prepare a superb Genmai-Matcha Latte?

We recommend to prepare this Matcha in "Latte", thanks to our milk frother which will give you an easy, quick and delicious preparation. However the traditional preparation with water, if you like, would suit him just as well! 😊

In particular, we recommend oat, almond, and coconut milks (in that order of preference). 

  • You will need 2g of Genmai-Matcha (half a "teaspoon-full" 🥄). Place the powder in a Mug-type cup.
  • Add 200ml of regular or vegetable milk, hot or iced, little by little, beating with the milk frother.
  • Enjoy the aromas of popcorn! 🍿

Transport advice: 

Be careful when transporting an open jar! We advise you to put it very carefully in your bag / suitcase so as not to shake the matcha powder inside the jar. Otherwise, it is likely that the powder will fall into the area between the jar and the lid, then when opening the powder may escape, which would be particularly pity.