Stage: Community Leader

3 months internship, Lausanne - Switzerland


"We're not just another company 😊."

Yeah, you've probably read that somewhere. And you probably thought "well, let's see" (and you were probably right).

Nevertheless, we're sure that after reading this ad, you'll be convinced.


We are a company specialized in the sale of Matcha Premium (a drink that is related to Japanese green tea. By the way, if you don't know what it is, we advise you to ask before posting your application. Well, you do as you want but it's always good 😉 ).

And there is something special about us. Something called PASSION.

The whole team has it. And we hope you will have it too.

We have passion because we create unique products that we are proud of and we want everyone to taste them!

Japan is the country where tradition and modern creativity are at odds with each other like nowhere else in the world. This is the spirit that Matcha Botanicals wants to embody: mixing the highest quality straight from tradition with modern creativity. 


Here are the missions you will have to fulfill during this internship. They can evolve according to your skills, abilities and desires. 

  • Create regular high quality content for our blog and social networks (articles, blog posts, images, infographics, social post, etc.)
  • Create and manage a monthly broadcast schedule
  • Manage and interact with our community by promoting our values and by being an effective sales representative
  • Manage a weekly reporting on the KPI of the social media strategy

Soft & Hard Skills :

We'll be honest with you. We're not looking for the person with the best degree. We're looking for someone with a twinkle in their eye. 

"But what does it mean to have a twinkle in your eye?"

That's a very good question. The twinkle in the eye at Matcha Botanicals is :

  • Be passionate, driven, pro-active.
  • To have a taste for things well done (do you have the reference? Do you have it?). Service, quality work. 
  • Knowing how to question yourself.
  • In short, to "give a shit" as our American friends would say.

Well then, of course, the sparkling eye is good. But it is not enough. It is also necessary : 

  • Experience in community management (Facebook & Instagram mainly)
  • You know how to use content creation tools (canva, bannersnack, adobe suites, etc.)
  • You know and love to write.
  • You have basic knowledge of SEO
  • You speak English 
  • Excellent spelling.

WARNING: The tone of this offer is deliberately light, but we are not looking for a clown. We are looking for someone motivated and willing to work with.

Why come to us?

We offer you :

  • Internship Allowance 
  • A working atmosphere with an average age of 27 years.
  • A rapid rise in competence.

But also because you won't be just another number in a soulless marketing department.

Because we want your ideas, your energy and your creativity to make the company take off.

Because it won't take us a week to validate every single one of your ideas

Because we will know your first name (no more embarrassing moments with colleagues in the elevator) and we won't ask you to make photocopies.

To apply 

Start by tearing up your cover letter. We're not going to lie you're going to write us the same BLABLA you wrote to 10 other boxes before. 😱 Don't look so shocked, we did it too.


  • Send us your CV to
  • Put "MATCHABOBO" in the title of your application email (and the name of the job, it can help).
  • Send us ten lines by email, explaining why you are the most qualified person for this internship.