Tasting 🥛

How to prepare your Premium Extra-Fresh Matcha?

  • We recommend to prepare this Matcha in "Latte", thanks to our milk frother which will give you an easy, fast and delicious preparation. The traditional preparation with water also suits him perfectly! 😊
  • You will need 2g of matcha (half a "teaspoon-full" 🥄). Place the powder in a Mug type cup, then add a small amount of water: enough to cover it with a centimeter is enough. Take your milk frother, and beat the matcha and water to break up the lumps and obtain a homogeneous preparation. Take advantage of the vegetal aromas that emerge at this stage 🤤. Then add 150ml of hot milk (Or hot water if you want a traditional matcha) at 70 degrees and continue to beat with your frother until a fine and delicate foam is created.
  • To get water or milk at exactly 70 degrees, mix some cold water with boiling water: 1 part cold water with 2 parts boiling water should give you the perfect temperature.
  • The water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees, otherwise the matcha will develop bitterness. Its precious nutrients and subtle taste should not be cooked!